Op deze page kunt u kijken naar films  over het evangelie. Dit  helpt om het evangelie en de Bijbel beter te begrijpen. Klik op de gewenste film en geniet.

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 video previewFaith Like Potatoes

A true story of a rugged South African farmer, Angus Buchan, who wrestle… 1:54:48
The Winning Circle is a movie that teaches youth and adults about the im… 0:50:12
Through the lives of Heidi, Peter, Hans and an old Swiss woodcarver a me… 0:41:04
A female minister's faith and conviction in God leads her to the small t… 1:50:08
Musical adaptation of Charles Dickens’ classic Christmas story that do… 1:28:52
No Greater Love is an emotional romantic drama about the reuniting of tw… 1:49:32
A heroic fireman locked in a failing marriage accepts his father's challenge to take part in a 40-day experiment designed to teach both husband & wife the true meaning of commitment in this faith-based marriage drama starring Kirk Cameron and Erin Bethea. 1:58:24
The true story of Raul Ries transition from angry young man to street preacher. 1:23:06
The Book of Ruth: Journey of Faith is the classic Bible story of faith, loyalty, and redemption. 1:31:13
What if the world threw you a birthday party...and you weren't invited? 1:29:01
An independent 12 year old girl, full of faith and hope for better things to come, runs away from home fearing child protective services will take her away from her abusive mother. 1:58:
Figure in the Forest.
Struggling with his beliefs after the tragic death of his girlfriend, an… 1:25:49Nov 2, 2008388 plays
A losing coach with an underdog football team faces their giants of fear… 1:51:09Sep 21

video previewThe Rose of Sharon

The Rose of Sharon 1:15:51



video previewFlywheel

This two hour drama presents a professing Christian who lies, manipulates, and is out to make a buck any way he can. 1:43:40


video preview The Revolutionary I

 The Revolutionary I 0:47:59
The world-changing saga of Paul the Apostle. 0:52:40

video previewSamson and Gideon

The stories of Samson and Gideon. 1:26:20s
The Way Back Home is a film about the importance of faith, family and fr… 1:32:16Jan 7, 2008412 plays
'Another Perfect Stranger' (based on David Gregory's second novel) takes… 1:21:33
Lloyd Boyd has been called of God to become a "Personal Preacher", a man… 1:57:20

video previewDavid and Goliath

This epic version of the classic biblical tale David and Goliath. 1:32:22


video previewBetween the Walls

A challenging new feature length family drama about betrayal, forgivenes… 1:11:58


Hidden Secrets is a story of love, friendship, redemption and ultimately… 1:28:56
China Cry 1:44:24
Dr. Holland is on a mission to prove the Holy Grail of physics - The The… 1:25:53
When eight-year-old Belle Richards disobeys her father, she puts herself… 0:13:23
The Perfect Stranger. 1:26:29
A family is shattered when seven-year-old Jennifer disappears while she and her mother, Sharla, are shopping. As the days pass, police searches and her prayers lead to nothing. 1:21:34
TBN Films presents Carman: The Champion Movie. 1:28:53
TBN Films presents The Omega Code. 1:39:24
A minister gets involved in the lives of members of a New York street ga… 1:46:13

Six: The Mark Unleashed 1:45:38


TBN Films presents Megiddo: The Omega Code 2. 1:46:05
Karla Faye Tucker Forevermore is based on a true story that shook the world of capital punishment. 1:58:20 



video previewArnie's Shack

Arnie's Shack, "In Vanuatu" Part 2. 0:28:32Mar 18, 201263 plays


Sarah's Stories, Episode 42. 0:28:52
Puppet Parade, "Your Special Gifts". 0:24:54Mar 1, 201241 plays
Arnie's Shack, "In Vanuatu" Part 1. 0:28:32Feb 14, 201230 plays
Your Unlimited Life with Pastor Casey Treat, "Turn Your Stress Into Succ… 0:28:33
Puppet Parade, "Music, Music, Music!". 0:28:14
The World of Jonathan Singh, Episode 5. 0:29:01
Arnie's Shack, "Papua New Guinea". 0:28:34
Arnie's Shack, "Confidence". 0:28:30
Arnie's Shack, "Obedience". 0:26:44
Arnie's Shack, "Feelings". 0:28:46
Arnie's Shack, "Getting Along". 0:28:46
Arnie's Shack, "Organisation". 0:28:35
Arnie's Shack, "Persistence". 0:28:32
Arnie's Shack, "Resilience". 0:28:35
Chubby Cubbies, "Special Friends". 0:28:27Sep 15, 2011133 plays
Dooley & Pals, "Dooley Cries Wolf". 0:27:18Aug 6, 2011378 plays
Retro News, "April". 0:28:32Aug 3, 201120 plays
video previewBB's Bedtime Stories
BB's Bedtime Stories with Monty, "Monty and the Little Drummer Boy" and … 0:28:00
Home Run for Rusty 0:30:16
Doctor Wonder's Workshop, "Giving And Accepting Praise". 0:28:30
Doctor Wonder's Workshop, "Use Positive Language". 0:28:30
Doctor Wonder's Workshop, "Be Faithful". 0:28:30
Doctor Wonder's Workshop, "Keep An Open Mind". 0:28:30
Doctor Wonder's Workshop, "Be Wise Online". 0:28:30
Doctor Wonder's Workshop, "Tell The Truth". 0:28:30
Doctor Wonder's Workshop, "Your Choices Affect Others". 0:28:29
Nanna's Cottage, "Welcome to Cottage Hamlet". 0:22:32, "Welcome to Cottage Hamlet". 0:28:30
Nanna's Cottage, "Welcome to Cottage Hamlet". 0:28:30
Doctor Wonder's Workshop, "Be Humble". 0:28:30
Doctor Wonder's Workshop, "Be Patient". 0:28:30
Doctor Wonder's Workshop, "Accept Differences". 0:28:30
Doctor Wonder's Workshop, "Keep Your Balance". 0:28:30
Arnie's Shack, "Papua New Guinea" Part 2. 0:28:43
BB's Bedtime Stories with Monty, "Monty On A Mission" and "Monty Goes To… 0:28:59
BB's Bedtime Stories with Monty, "The Tail Of Sir Montey and Princess So… 0:27:02